Which social media platform is best?

The one your customers hang out on. There are millions of people still using “dead” social media platforms like MySpace, AOL, and Friendster.

Go fishing where the fish are. More specifically, where your fish are.

Where’s the ROI on social media?

Social media demands a huge investment — not of money, typically, but in time, which of course is worth much more than money.

So to get the best return on that investment, here’s where you need to put your social media focus:

  1. Gaining the attention of new potential customers. The best way to do this is to encourage sharing of your very bestcookie content.
  2. Building your lists by bringing those new prospects to a “home base” asset. This must be something you control, like your blog (on your own domain name) and your email list. Don’t be a digital sharecropper — instead, use external media like Facebook and twitter to bring traffic back to you.
  3. Using social media to put a likable human face on your brand. This is optional, but can be highly effective. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect, but you do need to preserve your authority by acting with a reasonable degree of dignity. Be someone we can respect.
  4. Constantly working on conversion — on taking those fans and readers and turning them into customers. Steps 1-3 do you no good until you master step 4. Don’t worry, we’re going to be talking about conversion more in messages to come.


Watch out for this big, scary, dangerous pitfall

The first thing we all realize when we start playing around with social media is that it can be a brutal, ugly time suck. And too many bloggers never get past that point. They lose hours every day “being social” without anything to show for it.

That’s not what smart people do.

I wrote an article with some specific tips and techniques on how you can use social media effectively without losing most of your day:

How to Get