• Provision and deployment of subscription based portals for educational institutions to enhance efficiency and business continuity. Full implementation of cloud based Learning Management systems for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions with support for online exams.
  • Develop games and puzzles that are aligned with curriculum and focused on improving the cognitive function of students with special needs while affording them the knowledge and the opportunity to learn how to learn.
Digital Innovation Labs
  • Development of Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality models with gamification.
  • Development of 3D models with animation.
  • Digital Twins
  • Experiential Activities that align with specific learning outcomes.
Reliability Engineering

Measurement of deterioration as a consequence of changes in temperature and vibration of equipment, critical components and assembly lines and analyzing these changes as a means to driving Predictive Maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime of machinery, which reduces service cost and increases productivity.


Provision of IT based security solutions to Governments in support of compliance with road traffic laws and enforcement of fines & levies associated with non –compliance.

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