Augmented Reality

We develop augmented reality models with animation videos showing assembly and dis-assembly processes, with learning points and gamification of skills testing and assessment with capability for performance data collation. Our products are used to drive efficiency in operations by simulating real life scenarios for training and operations purposes and the presentation of actionable information around tools, maintenance and inventory management where it matters.

Virtual Reality

We develop immersive digital renderings of real-world scenes or objects in a virtual environment (VR headset) that allows the user to interact with the scene or object as they would in the real world. This is used in experiential training and work deployment preparedness and scenario planning for organizations. where it matters.

Remote Mentoring & Over The Shoulder Coaching

We build over the shoulder augmented reality solutions (Realwear HMT1Z and other AR headset OEMS + Pinnacle XR software) and provide as-a-service offerings that enabling the same ‘field of view’ between an onsite SME and remote worker to reduce operational downtime and facilitate experiential on the job learning.

Predictive Technologies and Services

We provide IOT predictive technologies and services designed to help determine the realtime condition of in-service equipment in order to determine when maintenance should be performed. These include but not limited to vibration, temperature, thermography. This is an immense value driver for manufacturing organizations as operation availability is maintained at an optimum level.

Technology and Innovation Strategy Development

We help clients develop Digital Transformation strategies that enable them reap the benefits of digital solutions beyond proof of concepts. Change has never been this fast and it will never be this slow again. Technology adoption best exemplifies this quote. Over the past few decades there has been an exponential growth in technology adoption across all industry. However  only  22%  of  organizations  can  move  past  proof  of  concepts   (Accenture  research)  to  expand  digital  transformation  within  their  origination  to  drive  value.  The   top  reason  for  this  low  number  is  a  lack  of  coherent  upfront  strategy  to  drive  an  enterprise-­‐wide   adoption  of  these  digital  technologies  to  drive  the  much-­‐needed  value.

Identity Solutions and Services

We implement Identity solutions and services that Improve efficiencies and safety of law enforcement officers and teams by enabling them with actionable intelligence driven by data. These solutions include; Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) which enables the building of license plate databases by capturing motor vehicle license plate data with the capability to cross-reference captured data against existing license plate databases for security and the enforcement of road traffic laws.

Also under identity solutions is Facial Recognition, which enables law enforcement to collate facial biometric data from thousands of people streaming through high traffic density areas such as airports, train stations, bus stations, shopping malls and border control check points with the capability to cross-reference this data against existing facial biometric databases.

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