Learning has moved from the classroom to the digital space wherein you leverage digital tools to learn. While video conferencing is important, the advantages of online learning in our Nigerian schools far outweighs it.

So, before you decide on the platform to choose, read this article which will help you make a better decision

What is Online Learning?

The advancement of science and technology has helped productivity and reduced stress.

Many years ago, it was compulsory to register under an institution guarded by four walls so as to gain a degree but today, that story has changed.

Learning has grown from an instructor standing in front of a class and a whiteboard to a system where instructors can connect to students and teach them despite being in different locations.

Online Learning is the system of learning wherein the tutor and the students communicate despite their different locations.

Hence, since its introduction, many schools have gravitated towards it in order to accommodate more students without providing residential halls for them.

Resources for Online Learning

Online learning is usually tailored to the specific needs of the students. They provide programs which are flexible while they also create an assessment phase to assess the progress of the students.

In order to this, they usually use some important resources. Such resources include;

  • EBooks;
  • Journals;
  • Videos;
  • Recorded lectures;
  • Quizzes;
  • Discussion forums
  • Live Q&A sessions; and
  • Interviews.


E-books became popularly towards the end of the 19th century. Hence, they are books just like every other book but they are electronically transferred.

E-books can easily be transferred as you don’t need to pay for shipping to get it. So, it’s a very important part of online learning as you’ll need to study before and after your classes.


Journals are materials that talk about a particular subject matter. However, the subject area is totally dependent on the writer although some journals combine a lot.

Journals are very important in online learning because they strike a very important aspect of learning.


Videos are an advanced system of audio that is visual. For this reason, videos are helpful when you need to practically explain what you want the students to learn.

Most times, these videos are set up in a way where you and your lecturer see each other.

Recorded Lectures

This is a very important tool due to the difficulty involved in gathering students from all around the globe at once. Their time-zone differences will not support it.

Hence, you have to record each lecture so they can watch the replay and catch-up with their colleagues.


Quizzes are actually the system of assessing the student’s understanding of a subject. Additionally, you use it as a benchmark to progress a student from one level to another. Hence, they have to be structured in a manner where they can be progressively assessed.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are very important. They serve as that part of the classrooms where discussions regarding an assignment or quiz are done. In these forums, tutors can help struggling students with any questions they might have.

Live Q & A sessions

The live sessions are necessary to foster unity in understanding amongst students.

These sessions which are “live” will act as the meeting between the tutors, school administrators and students.


To gain admission into any program, every student needs to pass through an interview process.

In the interview, the committee assesses the qualifications of the student while ensuring he meets the requirements of the program he wants to enrol in.

What is Video Conferencing?

Video Conferencing is a conversation between more than three people using software that supports video communications.

So, this conferencing can last for as long as the conveners want as long as they remain connected to the internet.

Video Conferencing has actually trumped the idea of meetings in physical locations as people far apart can relate.

It has also increased decision-making speed and productivity among people.

Since its development, a lot of companies have given up their office spaces. Why? To save rental cost and work virtually.

While technology continues to improve the speed and efficiency of video communications, the dependence on this technological system grows.

The Challenges of Video Conferencing

As much as video conferencing has been advantageous for businesses, it’s very different for Nigerian schools.

The system is streamlined and doesn’t support assessment at certain levels. Some of them demand that you use a device to connect with them.

Their monotonous nature makes a certain transfer of information difficult especially when the needed persons aren’t present.

Moreso, time zone differences still affect the use of video conferencing in a pure educational setting.

Moreso, they read articles, blogs, videos, books, apps, networks, and online courses. And they are not just a desk is in front of a computer. They make instructional videos on YouTube for the return trip by subway.

They catch their podcasts while they are exercising and take their lessons on their own terms as well.

So, when you remove the flexibility that even workers enjoy, you have eliminated their interest as well.

The Role of Video Conferencing

In as much as video conferencing has its disadvantages, we can’t discard it neither can we trivialize its importance.

Video conferencing is the strongest form of communication because it exposes you to all the characteristics of communication.

Instead of looking for an office space to hold management meetings, you can have your team join a video conference wherein you can have conversations and take necessary decisions as well.

So, when it comes to emergency meetings and taking core decisions, a video conference will serve you better than all others.

What are the Benefits of Online Learning?

Online learning exposes you to a lot of benefits that are very instrumental in helping you achieve your goals.

These benefits include;

  • Flexibility
  • Reduced costs
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Personification

So, whether there is a pandemic or not, you’re sure of learning any course of your choice.

For this reason, it’s important to choose an effective virtual learning environment. And Pinnacle School Management Solution is the best software for you.


Is Online Learning Effective?

Yes, online learning is very effective and flexible.

Can Online Learning replace face to face learning?

Yes, online learning can replace face-to-face learning due to its flexibility and ease.

Is Video Conferencing better than Online Learning?

Video conferencing is a subject under online learning so it’s not better.


So you see that on a lot of platforms, online learning always trumps video conferencing. The most important factor is your choice of use and the task you want to accomplish.

In summary, it all depends on you and your goal.