Learning management systems have never been as important as they are today. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they have gradually become the new normal.

However, most higher education bodies who never adopted an LMS are finding it difficult to make a choice. In fact, they’re torn between two walls.

Luckily for most schools in Nigeria, Pinnacle School Management System is one of the most easy-to-use software with great results.

We will tell you how you can effectively get and manage your own LMS easily with Pinnacle School Management System.

The Challenge of Classroom Academics In 2020

Sitting in a classroom is a difficult challenge. The challenges are much more magnified and keep growing. Whether from the students, administration or fellow teachers, you still face them.

1. No Teamwork

Teamwork is the backbone of bigger and greater results. A person can do good things but a team can do great things. In classrooms, students find it difficult to cooperate among themselves because of the power of cliques. Hence, when there is no teamwork, results aren’t achieved.

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2. Overworked Teachers

Due to understaffing issues, many schools lack important members of their staff. Hence, teachers work overtime immediately they enter the school premises.

3. Failed Accountability

Due to the excessive responsibilties that the teachers exceute, their accountability is usually poor. This failure in accountability doesn’t help the school achieve its objectives. And when the school doesn’t meet its objectives, the school doesn’t progress.

4. Excessive Paperwork

Truth be told, seeing a sack of papers on your desk is not helpful. Most times, it’s very demoralising. You can imagine the pain teachers feel after a long class to enter their office and see this. It is frustrating!

5.Keeping Up With Expectations

A lot of teachers feel that more and more is expected of them from their school’s (or district’s) administration: offer constant support to the students, keep a line of communication open with parents, give more personalized help to students who need more attention to succeed, and so on.

While teachers do want to provide the best support to their students, they maintain that they don’t receive enough paid time to do so. Access to specialized personnel and more time outside of class are some of the suggested ways to improve support and meet those increasing expectations.

6. Fixed Curriculum

Ask any teacher, and they will tell you: Every student is different. They learn at different paces, and they each have their own way of taking in content and remembering it.

Problems arise when teachers are expected to apply a fixed curriculum to students with different needs. Adapting lessons to students and tailoring content to their needs takes time, which is in short supply.

If we bring these challenges to the major areas of school life that cause teachers the most difficulty, a common theme emerges: Teachers want better tools to communicate with students and parents, help with classroom management, and resources that will save them time in aligning content to their students.

Hall Training vs Virtual Learning

The truth remains: We live our lives based on the level of resources available to us. So we cannot simply accept anything as the best. There will always be growth and a serious demand to adjustment as technology soars.

Of course, face-to-face conversations play a big role. They help you connect better and grow closer with a person. Well, I can say video calls are making the same impact. So, you should run away from that excuse.

Maybe you might want to talk about meetings. That’s mild. You can host your meetings online with your fellow tutors at any given time. Funnily enough, you don’t need a suit and a good pair of shoes. You only need your digital device and maybe some lighting on your face.

We cannot say at this time whether classrooms halls will open. Definitely, they will but learning can never remain the same. So, you have to take your advantage and build your facility online before the total adjustment.

A very beautiful part is that you will save cost on infrastructural deficits and maintenance, which means you make more income for yourself. Who doesn’t appreciate more dollars in their pocket? Hopefully, not you.

Virtual Learning and the New Normal

It’s better you face your fears, than constantly escape them. Why? They’ll catch up with you and tear you apart. Most times, those fears are not valid and you’re still losing. So, will you keep staring at your fears?

Companies, like Netflix, are currently making cinemas empty as they afford you an extraordinary experience. This innovation has built them over a million subscribers. Can you gather a million people in a cinema? No. That would be a herculean task.

UIBH, Coursera, and Udemy are making classrooms empty. Well, they’re creating classrooms in every home. Hence, you can sit at home and avoid the unnecessary hassles involved in passing through the horrendous traffic and getting to school.

Amazon and Walmart has made grocery shopping easier. You only need to pick up your phone, make a rough list of all you want to take. Pick a cart -on your device- and make your order. In a space of minutes, you get your goods delivered to your house.

As you can see, the world is changing and you should part of this global transformation. Don’tbe scared! People naturally adjust to conditions. Your students and staff might find it strange at first, but with time, they will get comfortable.

Why You Should Choose the Pinnacle School Management System?

There is a global change happening in the world today! It is no longer new or weird that technology plays a vital role in determining the position and success of people and businesses. Technology is the game that every outstanding concern is playing!

Pinnacle school management system is a system that embraces in totality the importance of technology, and, of a truth, this digital school management system offers modernization and efficiency to discerning schools around the face of this space.

Pinnacle school management system aims to offer a digitalized learning framework and concept to schools through appropriate analysis, tested and trusted, so as to enhance the development of schools and enriching schools management to a point that they are notable in the midst of a relatively available number of schools.


How do you choose a learning management system?

You can choose a good LMS when you check your goals against the offering of the LMS.

What makes a good LMS system?

A good LMS gives you personification, flexibility and ease of accessibility.

How does learning management system work?

A learning management system is a software that enables you learn virtually usng your device.


Now that you’ve understood the importance of getting a learning management system, you can’t be hesitating. Pinnacle Management System is equipped to give students seamless virtual learning experience and an efficient way for parents to track student performance.

This way, you save more money and still create the same learning experience for your students/ward.


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