Adjusting is really a painful process but Hey! What if it’s more profitable? Getting a learning management system for your school is very important as a result of this COVID-19 pandemic.

As the world continues to move online, taking your school there is your only reasonable option.

Hence, this article will help you learn about LMS and how you can leverage it.

What is a Learning Management System?

Learning is a word that a lot of people are conversant with and understand thoroughly. Hence, in some levels, people believe it has to do with absorbing and getting exposure to new information.

Management is simply the art of using few resources to achieve bigger objectives. In essence, you never have enough but you still achieve your objectives.

In governmental and non-governmental organizations, management is a very important sector that guides the moves of the organization. They play that strategic role of utilizing the few resources properly.

However, when you connect learning and management, it exposes a whole new perspective.

According to Wikipedia, a learning management system is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

In other words, an LMS can be described as an online classroom.

The structure of the classroom is solely the decision of the LMS owner as long as it is able to perform the above features.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen a lot of educational institutions leverage on an LMS to teach. However, most schools in Nigeria are yet to embrace this new “normal”. As a result, students are idle at home without learning, despite the large sums parents paid as school fees.

So, if you’re still questioning why you need an LMS, I’ll tell you why you should leverage or create one immediately.

Why use a Learning Management System?

Words such as “social distancing” have made physical meetings of a large group of people impossible.

This restraint has caused a lot of schools to close down with no resumption date in mind. On another hand, a lot of schools are still in session and are advertising across all platforms.

Every time I use my home workout application, I see an advertisement about an online program. And when you check the data, millions of students are in a program studying from the comfort of their home.

No matter how we want to address it, this pandemic has changed our lives and will change it forever.

A lot of people will prefer learning online instead of the stress of going to a classroom.

While we look into the benefits of using a learning management system for your school, it’s great you know some stuff. And one of the most important is that an LMS can simplify and help you coordinate your school better.

What makes a Good Learning Management System?

As the world gravitates from offline to online, companies continue to produce learning management systems for schools and businesses.

However, most times you begin to use an LMS and end up disappointed because it doesn’t help you achieve your goals or serve your students.

This can be very frustrating especially after you have spent a fortune to set it up or spent good money to leverage on one.

So, you can totally avoid this situation when you understand the essentialities you need for an effective LMS.

These essentials include;

  • Ease of Access
  • Up-to-Date
  • Flexibility
  • Personalization

Ease of Access

There’s a core advantage that LMS has which is the elimination of stress. So, it’s in your best interest that you ensure your system makes the whole process easy. Whether they’re registering for a program, attending classes, or paying fees, any easy and effective process will draw more students.


Science and technology keep advancing daily despite the COVID-19 pandemic and you must ensure any LMS you use must always be updated. An updated LMS ensures ease to access and always helps your system’s security.


The LMS must be very flexible. Essentially, you should be able to make the necessary adjustments and changes as you choose. This is necessary when you might want to introduce new programs or remove old ones.


A very good LMS must be personalized. In essence, it must have your specific signature and has to be suited to your style. This will make navigation and teachability easy.

What are the Basic Features of a Learning Management System?

You can easily identify an efficient management system with certain features. Essentially, these features make them distinctive from other online learning platforms.

These features ensure that the learning management system achieves its objectives. Hence, these features include;

  • Messaging System
  • Student Data
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Course Creation & Management

Messaging System

As long as you’re using a learning management system for a school, you need to use a messaging system that helps communication between users across the platform. So, whether you choose to create your own LMS or leverage on another system, you need to have a messaging system.

Student Data

Keeping track of your student’s progress is important. Hence, this will help your school offer them the right courses and monitor their performance.

Instead of having large paper files, an LMS for your school will help you store student data efficiently.

Meeting Rooms

When making effective decisions, you need to bring in your team. However, with the pandemic in view, having a physical meeting will be impossible.

Hence, your learning management system has to offer a virtual meeting space where you can interact with your team members.

Course Creation & Management

Courses are the core part of your LMS. And with research constantly advancing, your LMS must offer you a system where you can update, add and remove certain courses.

How does a Learning Management System Work?

A learning management system has a simple and efficient way of working.

Learning management systems make learning simple, and you can learn via computer, tablet, and smartphone – the latter two channels are becoming increasingly popular as many organizations encourage mobile learning or ‘learning on the move.’

The primary role of a learning management system is to deliver learning to students, typically, there will be three different types of log-in (there could be more, depending on your solution). Hence, these would usually be an admin log-in, a teacher log-in, and a student log-in.

The admin log-in will be for administrators; when logged in, it will present the user with the tools to be able to add content and users, remove content and users, and allow users access to certain areas of the learning management system so that they can change settings.

The teacher log-in will allow teachers to assign work, receive completed work and results from students, and also create courses (see below).

The student log-in will present the user with information regarding courses, outstanding work, and links to resources. It will usually provide a way of contacting the teacher or course leader if they have any questions.

Work can be submitted from the student log-in – which will then be picked up by the teacher or course leader from the admin log-in.

So as you can see, you need to keep your passwords safe and secure.

What are the Advantages of a Good Learning Management System?

A good learning management system has advantages that make it exceptional and easy to use. Some of these advantages include;

  • An LMS encourages content in various formats: text, video, audio, etc.
  • Everyone can access materials anytime, from everywhere, teachers can modify the content, and students can see the updated material.
  • Student’s evaluation is easier and fair, based on student attendance and online quizzes.
  • Students and teachers can re-use the material every time they need
  • There is collaborative learning by setting up a School website with the LMS software and this helps “Keep organizations up-to-date with compliance regulations.

What are the Top Learning Management Systems In Nigeria?

Due to demand, a lot of school learning management systems are available for you to leverage and use.

But our school management solution surpasses them all.

Here at Ingres Quality Rollout, we have a school learning management platform called “Pinnacle School Management Solution Application”. This is a card technology solution that seeks to serve educational institutions, students, and parents.

Our software offerings help make your institution more efficient, and manageable.

This is achieved through the provision and deployment of subscription-based portals for educational institutions to enhance efficiency and business continuity.

Also, through full implementation of cloud-based Learning Management systems for Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary institutions with support for online exams.

The best part is that as a school owner you can have a free trial and let us know what you think:


What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

How does a Learning Management System Work?

It works as a software hosted on a server. Students and tutors can access each other using the software.

Are Learning Management Systems difficult to set up?

No. They are not difficult to set up but you can also leverage on good systems.

What’s the best Learning Management system?

Pinnacle School Management Solution is one of Africa’s best online learning platforms with features that help make your educational institution more efficient, and manageable.


LMS is becoming the new reality. Researchers have predicted the abandonment of public school buildings in the coming years.

As a tutor or school owner, your next best step is to take initiative and get a learning management system for your school.