You must have probably been caught up in the rave about online learning and why it is the only option for schools in this COVID19 period.

You may also wonder, as a school owner or administrator, how you can key into this, and leverage on the facilities provided to ensure that your school remains functional during the lockdown.

Education Management Information System or EMIS for short is the solution and your basic questions about EMIS will be answered in this article.

What is EMIS and why is it important?

An EMIS can be defined as ‘a system for the collection, integration, processing, maintenance, and dissemination of data and information to support decision-making, policy analysis, and formulation, planning, monitoring and management at all levels of an education system.

It is a system of people, technology, models, and procedures that function together to provide education leaders, with a comprehensive, integrated set of relevant, reliable, unambiguous, and timely data and information to support them in the completion of their responsibilities.

EMIS functionalities allow for relevant short and long term planning, based on meaningful data. The portal aggregates and analyses data to help spot problems quickly within the system, putting relevant stakeholders ahead of issues that may arise.

With EMIS, it’s no longer education as usual; accurate data feed quality planning which leads to an outstanding education system.

In short, it is a comprehensive tool that can be used to facilitate learning in an educational system from the boardroom to the classroom.

Education Management Information System (EMIS) is specially designed to monitor the performance of education programs offered by the institute and to manage the distribution and allocation of educational resources.

Of course, in the field of education, EMIS has specific roles to help an educational institution grow.

What are the main features of an EMIS facility?

  1. Data Capturing Portal tool (for students, teachers, examination, tools and resource data)
  2. Reports Dashboard.
  3. Data Management Gateway.
  4. Executive Dashboards for (Monitoring and Evaluation).
  5. Online Module (for schools’ access).
  6. Data Sharing.

What are the benefits of setting up EMIS in your school?

The Education Management system is highly beneficial to schools in the alot of ways especially in 2020, as schools face shutdown.

These include:

  • Provision of quality information to decision-makers.
  • Quick identification of important issues to be addressed.
  • Supports policy planning.
  • Provision of insight towards sector management
  • .Supply of general information for research and other government purposes.

Should your school have an EMIS facility?

The answer is an absolute Yes!

This is because every organization will want growth to be a constant feature as they embrace digital.

And, with the features and benefits of having an Educational Management Information System in place, your school is destined to improve in all departments and set it apart from the competition and as a standard to other schools.

Another reason why your school should set up an EMIS facility especially in this period of the coronavirus pandemic is you’ll be able to continue offering learning services through the data capturing portal tool thus learning never really stops and that means more revenue for the institution.

How can your school set up an EMIS facility?

Luckily for schools in Nigeria, Pinnacle School Management Solution is an Educational Management system that ensures school continues functioning even with students at home.

Pinnacle web-portal also has exam results, internal communication with teachers, school calendar with holidays, and class calendar with exam schedules, view Assignments etc.

Parent logins are allowed using their mobile numbers as registered users, among other amazing features.

Virtual learning is the future of Nigerian education and school proprietors should position their school to be a part of this revolution in the educational sector.

What matters in an Educational Management Information System?

In an EMIS facility set-up, there is a set of guiding principles that guide an effective EMIS:

  • Sustainability,
  • Accountability, and
  • Efficiency.

Lack of these principles leads to deficient systems. Combined, the principles result in an effective EMIS that adds value to an education system.


Why is EMIS important for schools?

It is specially designed to monitor the performance of education programs, Provision of insight towards sector management, amongst others.

What are the characteristics of an EMIS?

It includes the collection, integration, processing, maintenance, and dissemination of data and information.


An Educational Management Information System (EMIS) is an essential tool that helps your school to organize and manage your data. It also helps you make much more informed decisions, most especially in this period of the COVID19 pandemic.

Setting up an EMIS facility like Pinnacle School Management Solution has been demystified knowing that it is not only needed for government institutions.


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