A global pandemic always changes the way we carry out our responsibilities. It totally eliminates crowded learning causing schools to lockdown.  

As many schools in Nigeria have closed down, learning has become a little bit difficult. However, the effect is minimal as many schools now have digital programs. Digital programs ensure that tutors can teach their students – who are at different places – from their sitting room.

As an educational institute leader, you must learn how to leverage digital means to keep your school running in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown.

However, you need some tools to ensure digital communication is possible. You and your fellow tutors must also need to learn how to efficiently use these tools to communicate with the students.

If you’re still hesitant about taking your school digital in this era, this article will give you a new perspective.

What is Digital Technology?

According to wikipedia, digital learning is any type of learning that is accompanied by technology or by instructional practice that makes effective use of technology. It encompasses the application of a wide spectrum of practices including blended and virtual learning through digital technology.

So, digital technology is an instrument that can generate, process, and store data.

In other words, it serves as a backup or a virtual cabinet where you can store your files.

The introduction of digital technology has ushered us into a new era, especially in a time where schools are forced to shut down physical structure but must find a way to continue learning for students.

When it comes to schooling, digital technology helps the transmission of data from one person to another very easily and safely.

You don’t need to physically access anyone in order to communicate or transmit any form of data to them.

Why You Should Digitalize Your School in COVID 19 Era?

As science and technology continue to improve daily, there are easier and better ways of communicating and doing business.

As the cost of building halls and maintaining structures continues to rise, the ROI drops.

The introduction of social media – a form of digital media – has made communication between two people in different parts of the world possible and easy.

Research has shown that over 2 billion people in the world make use of digital technologies in at least five hours a day. And a large percentage of these people are students.

They wholly rely on data generated through digital technologies on these platforms to perform their responsibilities.

So this data totally trumps the narrative that young people are not accustomed to digital technologies.

Conclusively, now would be the best time to digitalize your school.

What are the Benefits of Digitalizing Your Nigerian School?

Digitalizing your school has never been more beneficial, especially in Nigeria. With people still at home and a continuous increase in the use and purchase of digital platforms and tools respectively, this is a very good time to place your school on the map.

Hence, you should digitalize your school for reasons such as;

Continuous Learning

In so many educational institutions that have not digitalized their school across the world, learning has ceased and this threatens their academic calendar.

Moreso, this pandemic has affected the key areas where these students need to learn core skills.

This is dangerous! However, there’s actually a solution to this problem.

It doesn’t matter how young the students are, you can get across to them and continue learning even while you’re miles away from each other.

So, now you know of this possibility, you should never put your academic calendar on hold again.

Less Infrastructure Maintenance

School buildings always need to be maintained. Repaintings, reconstructions of bad learning equipment, and other overhead costs actually draw from the pocket of your school.

Of course, when you run an academic institution, they are necessary, however, what if you can cut your costs on all these expenses?

Indeed, you can do without a large number of equipment and reconstructions when you digitalize your school. Students will just pay their fees and get an access code to the class.

Instead, you encourage digitalization which saves you a whole lot of cost and increases your ROI.

Ease of Access/Increased Deliverability

Keeping track of all the school’s activities and learning programs is a lot of work.

Additionally, keeping an eye on your tutors is very necessary in order to ensure they focus on the goal of the institution by teaching what is relevant and sound.

It’s very tiring to scroll through catalogs and heavy thick cover notes where you have stored the data of both your students and staff.

Just imagine how long it takes you to sort out those details and how much time you will need to do it for a good number of tutors and students?

Hey! When you digitalize your school, you can build a virtual catalog wherein you can track, update, and store relevant data. The beautiful part is; this data can only be accessed by you as you can lock it up with a password.

In summary, this easy and more documented style of storing data is very efficient.

Improved Progress Analysis and Student Support

As I earlier said, keeping track of your progress when you’re running multiple projects is very tasking.

Even if you have a great Personal Assistant, we’re human and somethings elude us. Furthermore, there may be some personal projects you’ll want to follow-up.

Hence, a digitalized structure will keep you efficient, updated, and coordinated.

Another key area is Student support. Truth be told, a lot of things happen in schools and the majority happen outside the classroom.

Younger students get bullied and maltreated by older ones and even sexual abuse is practiced too.

Most students refuse to open up because of being hated and also the fear of getting beaten whenever they come to school.

When you digitalize your school, you eliminate the chances of bullying and also get your students to trust you better. Students can privately contact you and communicate with you.

Privatized Learning

Most times, a lot of students find it difficult to keep up with academic learnings and will need private tutoring.

When you digitalize your school, you won’t need extra-mural classes after school time but you can just set out different time frames for the students depending on your schedules.

Of course, you can still charge them at the same price.

How to Digitalize Your School in COVID-19 Era

Digitalizing your school has never been more important than it is today. A wise choice will be to take the pain and set it up because the rewards are recurring.

What then do you need to do to digitalize your school;

Get Information

You’re doing that already by reading this post but that is not sufficient. You can make use of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex to find out about digital schooling.

Choose a Platform

After you have completed your research, you’ll need to choose a digital platform where you can host your school. Your choice of a platform will depend on who you want to teach and how you want to teach. 

Here at Ingres Quality Rollout, we have an e-learning platform called “Pinnacle School Management Solution Application”. This is a card technology solution that seeks to serve educational institutions, students, and parents.

Our software offerings help make your institution more efficient, and manageable. Various Enterprise-class modules such as Asset Management help manage all your fixed assets easily.

Get the Right Tools

After choosing a platform, you need to equip yourself with the right tools that will ensure delivery at every level. You need to create a list of all the tools you need to get and a subsequent plan to get them.

Design & Set-Up Structure

After you have gotten your tools, you need to do a little design that will personalize your learning. You’ll need your own fees payment system and virtual private meeting space.


After you have set up the structure, you’ll need to train your fellow tutors to manipulate and effectively utilize the platform.

With the Pinnacle School Management solution, our team comes to train your staff on how to effectively use our tool and the role of each feature.


Now, you can gather your students from all over the world and tutor them in different subject areas.


Digitalization has never been more important in a time like this in Nigeria where the covid19 pandemic has forced schools to shut down. In fact, in the coming years, researchers have predicted that learning halls will be eliminated. In essence, virtual learning will be adopted.

So, with online schools like Pinnacle School Management Solution, with low maintenance costs, your students’ progress are well catered for.

FAQs On Digitalizing Your School

What is digital School?

Digital School solution is a concept that captures the vision of digitalizing a school’s learning and management system to help students learn even remotely.

Why should schools go digital?

The opportunity to help every student learn at the best pace and path for them is the most important benefit of digital learning. You can easily monitor each student’s progress.  

Does e-learning save money in schools?

Yes, it does. The cost of running a school is highly reduced as students learn virtually.