Dear School Proprietors, Proprietresses, &  Executives, 
It’s a great thing to make ‘hay while the sun shines’

As an IT consultant I have always advocated for the deployment of ICT tools in schools as a major step towards school improvement. ICT contrary to how alot of us see it (as a cost center) is a major value driver. With today’s news, The Corona Virus is upon us. How prepared are our schools for all the possible fallouts? 

Yesterday the Prime minister of Japan closed all schools to protect Japanese Children and Teachers while trying to curtail spread of the virus. If the Lagos State Govt takes similar step today…. How can we continue to engage our students while they are at home, ensuring that some form of learning continues? How do we ensure that our schools as going concerns arent starved of neccessary revenues to keep ‘our lights on and our gates open?’.

This is why a School and Learning Management Solution should be at the back bone of every schools operation.-  It simply  guarantees ‘Business continuity’ in every circumstance.

A few years ago, during the Ebola crisis, schools that had School & Learning Management Solutions were able to engage their students successfully with positive results during the 1 month closure of schools. I believe that when experiences like these occur, it provides an opportunity for us to review our processes as schools and ask the neccessary questions – ‘What if?’ 

This type of question keeps us prepared and accountable to ourselves, our schools and all its stakeholders. 

I invite you to visit our website – or contact us on – or simply send us a text message on 09080000104,  and get a free term trial of our Flag ship product – Pinnacle School Management Solution. 

May we all be guided to take necessary precautions even as we seek the help and  covering of the Almighty to keep safe in the face of this new challenge to us as educationists.