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How To Improve Training In Oil And Gas Industry With Augmented Reality standard

Practical training has always been the order of the day for the energy sector. However, as practical training becomes extremely expensive, hard to access, or risky, the world has seen the importance of virtual/augmented reality to improve the quality of training in the oil and gas industry today. In the energy sector, proper professional training is highly important. And as technology evolves, the oil and gas industry continuously receives new equipment and new methods of operation. Hence, training people to work with new sophisticated machinery and according to new standards and recommendations is a must. Otherwise, the entire operation may be at risk. So in this article, we will look into different ways Augmented reality improves training in the oil and gas ...

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Is Augmented Reality The Game-changer For The Oil Sector? standard

The sustained dip in oil prices is creating a huge opprotunity when it comes to the big data and augmented reality trends that have been making waves in the oil and gas industry. There are benefits introduced by digital technologies – from remote communication to better predictive maintenance – through augmented reality. This could have a significant bearing on the cost-effectiveness and lifecycle duration of most projects. And it is becoming clear that in the future, the most efficient sectors will be those equipped with data-driven tools to maximize production while minimizing downtime and maintaining rigorous safety standards. In truth, augmented reality will constitute an important part of the digital eco-system over the coming years, but how is this ...

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