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Deep Water Consultancy and Engineering Services partnered with us at IngresQR to bring cutting edge augmented reality to offshore General Visual Inspections (GVI) and functionality testing on board FPSO Mystras. FPSO Mystras services the Okpoho and Okono fields, OML 119. The Okono field produces oil from subsea wells tied-back to the Mystras FPSO located at the field. Oil from Okpoho is produced via a platform linked to the FPSO by pipeline. Oil is exported from the FPSO by shuttle tanker The inspection was aimed at identifying defective and aging components that need to be either upgraded or changed out completely. In the short term, it was also to identify anomalies currently being experienced offshore pertaining to subsea dependent units. 1. UNITS INSPECTED The ...

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How To Effortlessly Integrate Augmented Reality in Oil Gas Operations. standard

Augmented reality (AR) can simultaneously increase the productivity and safety of workers in the oil and gas field. So there is value and a need to integrate Augmented reality in the oil and gas operations, most especially during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology that is will definitely bring some improvements to the oil and gas sector by solving some key challenges associated with the times. AR is also breaking boundaries that seemed impossible to surpass, leading to new and exciting developments for industries. One of the most significant industries adapting to and realizing the benefits of AR is the oil and gas industry, which has accelerated the adoption of AR devices, wearables, and solutions in 2020. Here, we ...

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How Augmented Reality Devices and Wearables Can Support Industries In Nigeria: Full Review standard

Augmented reality (AR) merges the physical world with the virtual world. This is just as fascinating as it is technically complex – especially with AR glasses, which are coming into fashion.   These Smart Glasses are a new generation of wearable devices, and prominent examples include Microsoft Hololens or Google Glass. Smart Glasses combine (and blends) the virtual world with the physical world. These glasses are typically a new form of media devices. They are more than just wearables or a new generation of smartphones. They are not just “EyePhones”. Smart glasses are the future of media technology.  But the real question now is... How Do AR Glasses Work? Here we will take a full review of how Augmented reality glasses really work ...

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COVID-19 Pandemic Impact On The Oil Industry In Nigeria In 2020 standard

Covid-19 Pandemic had a major impact on the operations of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. In fact, the oil supply/demand imbalance is occurring in tandem with the depressed need for chemicals and refined products stemming from industrial slow-downs and travel restrictions in the wake of COVID-19. Consequently, the short- to medium-term outlook for most oil companies appears to be more challenging now than ever. That's why companies are paying closer attention to augmented reality for business continuity and sustainability of the oil and gas sector. According to NNPC’s Monthly Financial and Operations Report for January 2020, Independents accounted for 4.71% of national crude oil and condensate production, which stood at 60.80 million barrels as of December 2019. These operators, however, ...

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How To Improve Training In Oil And Gas Industry With Augmented Reality standard

Practical training has always been the order of the day for the energy sector. However, as practical training becomes extremely expensive, hard to access, or risky, the world has seen the importance of virtual/augmented reality to improve the quality of training in the oil and gas industry today. In the energy sector, proper professional training is highly important. And as technology evolves, the oil and gas industry continuously receives new equipment and new methods of operation. Hence, the need to train the workforce and make them proficient in new sophisticated machinery and technology according to new standards and recommendations cannot be overemphasized. Without sufficient training, the entire operation may be at risk. So in this article, we will look into different ways ...

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Is Augmented Reality The Game-changer For The Oil Sector? standard

With the sustained dip in oil prices and forecasts which suggest sustained low prices in the short to medium term, there is huge opportunity and potential  for  big data analysis and augmented reality solutions that have been making waves in the oil and gas industry. There are benefits with digital technologies – from remote communication to better predictive maintenance – through augmented reality. These could have significant bearing on cost-efficiencies and project lifecycles for the industry, even as its   becoming obvious that in the near future, the most efficient sectors will be those equipped with data-driven tools and processes that maximize production while minimizing cost,  downtime and supporting the maintenance of rigorous safety standards. Research shows that augmented reality will constitute an ...

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