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How AR Can Enhance Oil and Gas Workplace Safety standard

With over 10,000 workers to join the Oil and Gas industry between 2020 and 2021, the safety of workers continues to be a pressing issue. Safety in the Oil and Gas workplace will continue to be risky for many reasons, chief among which is the industry’s dependence on heavy machinery as a core component of its operation. While the standard safety implementations have only served to mitigate risk to a certain degree, there is more that still needs to be done. The Oil and Gas industry has deeply troubling statistics, with over 60% of risk factors classified as “serious,” meaning that the hazards were likely to result in “death or serious physical harm”. AR when implemented can better the odds of workplace ...

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Deep Water Consultancy and Engineering Services partnered with us at IngresQR to bring cutting edge augmented reality to offshore General Visual Inspections (GVI) and functionality testing on board FPSO Mystras. FPSO Mystras services the Okpoho and Okono fields, OML 119. The Okono field produces oil from subsea wells tied-back to the Mystras FPSO located at the field. Oil from Okpoho is produced via a platform linked to the FPSO by pipeline. Oil is exported from the FPSO by shuttle tanker The inspection was aimed at identifying defective and aging components that need to be either upgraded or changed out completely. In the short term, it was also to identify anomalies currently being experienced offshore pertaining to subsea dependent units. 1. UNITS INSPECTED The ...

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Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Can Tremendously Improve Manufacturing standard

All over the world today, Augmented reality is now used to enhance various sectors of Production. As an emerging technology, Augmented reality (AR) is set to improve Manufacturing processes, especially in the oil and gas sector. In Nigeria today, most applications for augmented reality are still in their infancy, but they do have great potential. Augmented reality has the ability to present much more than digital characters or images. This amazing feature can foster seamless manufacturing processes. Now, we shall look at the various ways Augmented Reality can improve mAnufacturing in this era. Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Can Improve Manufacturing There are so many processes involved in the manufacturing world that could be made shorter and easier with the use of Augmented ...

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News: TOTAL Surges Forward With Remote Hands-Free Collaboration standard

Using RealWear hands-free, voice-operated devices running Microsoft Teams allows Total’s La Porte Polypropylene Plant to continue mass-producing the raw materials used in the making of, among other things, essential medical supplies such as gowns and face masks. Field operators are using RealWear’s award-winning HMT-1Z1 intrinsically safe headsets clipped onto PPE hard hats in potentially hazardous environments. .ugb-c5174da .ugb-blockquote__quote{width:70px !important;height:70px !important}Our Products at IngresQR continues to be a popular intrinsically safe solution for industrial customers looking to deploy a Remote Collaboration solution for business continuity. RealWear with Microsoft Teams is “A Game Changer” for Total’s Safety and Operational Efficiency Total’s La Porte plant is the largest single-site polypropylene plant in North America and produces 2.7 billion pounds of polypropylene per year. In addition to ...

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How To Improve Training In Oil And Gas Industry With Augmented Reality standard

Practical training has always been the order of the day for the energy sector. However, as practical training becomes extremely expensive, hard to access, or risky, the world has seen the importance of virtual/augmented reality to improve the quality of training in the oil and gas industry today. In the energy sector, proper professional training is highly important. And as technology evolves, the oil and gas industry continuously receives new equipment and new methods of operation. Hence, the need to train the workforce and make them proficient in new sophisticated machinery and technology according to new standards and recommendations cannot be overemphasized. Without sufficient training, the entire operation may be at risk. So in this article, we will look into different ways ...

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Is Augmented Reality The Game-changer For The Oil Sector? standard

With the sustained dip in oil prices and forecasts which suggest sustained low prices in the short to medium term, there is huge opportunity and potential  for  big data analysis and augmented reality solutions that have been making waves in the oil and gas industry. There are benefits with digital technologies – from remote communication to better predictive maintenance – through augmented reality. These could have significant bearing on cost-efficiencies and project lifecycles for the industry, even as its   becoming obvious that in the near future, the most efficient sectors will be those equipped with data-driven tools and processes that maximize production while minimizing cost,  downtime and supporting the maintenance of rigorous safety standards. Research shows that augmented reality will constitute an ...

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The Need for Learning Management Solution for Higher Education standard

Learning management systems have never been as important as they are today. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they have gradually become the new normal. However, most higher education bodies who never adopted an LMS are finding it difficult to make a choice. In fact, they're torn between two walls. Luckily for most schools in Nigeria, Pinnacle School Management System is one of the most easy-to-use software with great results. We will tell you how you can effectively get and manage your own LMS easily with Pinnacle School Management System. The Challenge of Classroom Academics In 2020 Sitting in a classroom is a difficult challenge. The challenges are much more magnified and keep growing. Whether from the students, administration or fellow teachers, you still face ...

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