How To Digitalize Your School in COVID-19 Era standard

A global pandemic always changes the way we carry out our responsibilities. It totally eliminates crowded learning causing schools to lockdown. As many schools in Nigeria have closed down, learning has become a little bit difficult. However, the effect is minimal as many schools now have digital programs. Digital programs ensure that tutors can teach their students - who are at different places - from their sitting room.

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Digitalization for Schools in Covid-19 era standard

Dear School Proprietors, Proprietresses, &  Executives, It's a great thing to make 'hay while the sun shines' As an IT consultant I have always advocated for the deployment of ICT tools in schools as a major step towards school improvement. ICT contrary to how alot of us see it (as a cost center) is a major value driver. With today's news, The Corona Virus is upon us. How prepared are our schools for all the possible fallouts?  Yesterday the Prime minister of Japan closed all schools to protect Japanese Children and Teachers while trying to curtail spread of the virus. If the Lagos State Govt takes similar step today.... How can we continue to engage our students while they are at home, ensuring ...

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Keeping our communities safe.. standard

How many vehicles have been stolen without a trace? How many people have lost their lives during a carjacking? How many families have been thrown into misery by the loss of a loved one through violent crime? How many people have been kidnapped? How many banks have been robbed? How much of these crimes have been successfully investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice? Research shows that over 70% of violent crime resulting in loss of life, involves a motor vehicle. Hence the critical factor for successful intelligence gathering and effective investigation is a database of vehicle license plate data collected on the go. Law enforcement agencies in some jurisdictions have for long, identified this critical success factor for conclusive crime investigations, and hence invested in ...

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Of missed Revenue Potential – The road traffic sector and its value to states. standard

As state governments continue to grapple with the consequences of reduced revenues’ accruable from the federal allocation, the need for innovation with internal revenue generation cannot be over emphasized. The current situation presents an opportunity for state governments and federal governments to look towards resuscitating dormant revenue sources bothering on ‘compliance’ as a veritable source of revenue, though most decision makers in government like to draw a line between the collection of fines from defaulters and revenue generation seeking to differentiate both and not wanting to acknowledge that fines paid by defaulters are indeed revenue to government. The fact however is that fines paid by citizens for non –compliance with certain laws and statues of the state is indeed revenue ...

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Which social media platform is best? standard

Which social media platform is best? The one your customers hang out on. There are millions of people still using “dead” social media platforms like MySpace, AOL, and Friendster. Go fishing where the fish are. More specifically, where your fish are. Where’s the ROI on social media? Social media demands a huge investment — not of money, typically, but in time, which of course is worth much more than money. So to get the best return on that investment, here’s where you need to put your social media focus: Gaining the attention of new potential customers. The best way to do this is to encourage sharing of your very bestcookie content. Building your lists by bringing those new prospects to a “home base” asset. This must ...

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